Advanced Contextual Intelligence for Digital Media and Marketing

Quintesse offers complete control and transparency for improved brand safety, suitability and contextual targeting.

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With 20 years of contextual technology development, Quintesse is the authority in context.

Existing contextual technologies are incomplete

Today’s safety technologies are unable to analyze paragraph level and dynamic content such as comments and increasingly prevalent UGC, leaving brands vulnerable to placement within irrelevant and potentially harmful media environments. Quintesse utilizes computational linguistics to understand entire editorial page content, not just keywords in URLs, to offer the most comprehensive verification of page safety and suitability.

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3rd party cookies are crumbling

Billions of ad impressions were removed from the programmatic inventory pool in 2019 based on blunt blocking technologies, substantially reducing inventory, driving up media costs, and leaving buyers to bid on the same impression pools at much higher premiums and with reduced reach. Quintesse provides contextual intelligence for precise targeting regardless of the availability of audience data.

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