Advanced Contextual Targeting and Intelligence for Digital Marketers

Quintesse delivers true semantic, sentiment and emotional tone recognition for superior targeting and contextual analysis.

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With 21 years of contextual technology development, Quintesse is the authority in context.

Not all contextual is created equal

Many contextual solutions on the market today rely on simple classification and are unable to correctly analyze paragraph level and dynamic content such as comments and increasingly prevalent UGC, leaving brands vulnerable to placement within irrelevant and potentially harmful media environments. Quintesse utilizes computational linguistics, semantics, sentiment and emotional tone recognition to fully understand entire editorial page content to offer the most complete contextual analysis available.

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3rd party cookies are crumbling

The future of audience targeting will not include 3rd party cookies or IDFAs and Google has announced that they will also not support any user-level identifiers to track people online, so now all of the over 80 proposed identity alternatives, like hashed emails, are at risk of being non-compliant. Brands' digital advertising strategies will need to include privacy safe, page and paragraph-level advanced contextual targeting, like Quintesse's Custom Curated Marketplaces, to continue to reach their target audiences at scale.

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